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(01-2011) The G. clavigera genome analysis is now online at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences! Enormous thanks to all those who participated! Brief commentaries are available in Science, Scientific American, The Land Letter (only available to subscribers) and at the CBC.

(10-2010) Wow...birth is the most marvellous experience! Our second son (Emery) arrived into the world Friday, October 22nd.

(07-2010) Thesis is now online! One step closer to wrapping up my PhD work: PhD Dissertation, 2010

(06-2010) Defended thesis! Many thanks to the examiners and all who attended. Things couldn’t have gone any better :-)

(04-2010) I was recently interviewed for an article that just appeared online at Northwest Science and Technology: Genome sequence of fungus may further pine beetle research.

(09-2009) Genome sequence of blue-stain fungus Grosmannia clavigera published. See the Genome Biology publication: Diguistini et al. 2009. Genome Biology and the commentaries: Nature news and Science Daily.

(01-2008) Our Tria project work was recently covered by the Tyee: Using Genes to Fight Pine Beetle.


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